1. What constitutes a faculty and a department?Any of the following:

  • A Faculty and some departments may comprise a number of different professions, eg Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Audiology, Occupational Therapy, may be in a department, but are also part of a faculty that includes Medical doctors.
  • A department may comprise a single profession e.g. Optometry,
  • A department may comprise one or more specialties of a profession (e.g. medical) such as ENT, Psychiatry, Surgery.
  • A Faculty is usually a larger grouping within the University within which departments are located.

2. How can a faculty/department become an accreditor?

  • Accreditors are appointed by each Professional Board and are thus profession specific.
  • Suitably qualified individuals/groups in each profession in a Department or a Faculty may apply to the relevant Professional Board to be an accreditor of CPD activities for that profession.
  • The professional groups who are thus appointed as accreditors then constitute the accreditors of that Department or Faculty and can accredit profession specific activities.
  • Professional groups who were not appointed as accreditors/ or who did not apply to be accreditors will not be able to join the Department or Faculty as Accreditors. They may apply to any profession specific accreditor for the accreditation of their CPD activities.
  • The Faculty / Department typically provides the central administrative support and infrastructure to manage accreditation of CPD activities for the professional groups that have been appointed as accreditors by the Professional Boards. The Faculty/Department may also manage the application to be an accreditor to each of the Professional Boards.

3. Who accredits the department as an accredited service provider?

  • Professional Boards (or their designated profession specific accreditors) are required to accredit profession specific service providers.
  • Each professional grouping will need to apply to the relevant Professional Board (or its designated accreditor) to be an accredited service provider.
  • Thus an application to be an accredited service provider from a department/ faculty that has more than one profession will need to include submissions to each of the Professional Boards. Again, the Faculty/Department may also manage the application for accreditation to each of the Professional Boards.

4. What is cross accreditation?

  • Cross accreditation refers to any approved CPD activities (e.g. topics on HIV/AIDs, Disability, Ethics, Professional Practice, Medical law, etc) that may be attended by healthcare professionals from a number of different professions.
  • Individuals from all professions 9registered with the HPCSA) attending the CPD activity will be able to obtain CEUs for that activity irrespective of which particular Professional Board Accreditor/ had accredited the activity and which Accredited service provider was offering the activity provided that the activity is relevant to their scope of practice.

Information from HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa).